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Format: Digital Rendering through Unity
Runtime: 13:25
In Collaboration with: CRU

A short documentary following CRU, a trans masculine person from Portugal living in Berlin, as they investigate the ways in which their identity changes depending on the language they are speaking. They discuss the ways in which they (and others) have changed the Portuguese and German languages in order to make themselves visible and heard in languages that are organised in feminine/masculine binaries.

I am currently searching for more subjects who speak different languages and who have similar (or different) experiences with gender identity in relation to linguistics and language. If you are non-binary and/or trans and your mother tongue is Georgian, Indonesian, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Swedish, Greek, etc. (any languages but particularly anything genderless or with 3+ genders) I would love to speak with you and perhaps create something. Email me! :)


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